Company History


In 1997, with initial capital investment of USD $ 0.1 M, PT. TEKNIKO INDONESIA was established as PMA Company for simple Steel Fabrication.  In 2000, PT. TEKNIKO was able to extend the business to EPC contractor for Oil & Gas Power Plant. In 2000, PT. TEKNIKO INDONESIA acquired ISO 90001.  In 2006, PT.TEKNIKO INDONESIA extended the capacity of Steel Fabrication production work shop to 15.000 ton/year resulting able to open an opportunity to contract for Doosan Cirebon Plant Project regarding Civil / Architect Work with Total value of USD $ 75 M.

PT. TEKNIKO INDONESIA overcame the IMF crisis and grew rapidly from initial sale amount of USD $ 0.2 to USD $ 0.5 M in 2004 to US $ 20.0 M in 2005 to current sale amount of USD $ 30.0 with debt ratio of 5% only.

PT. TEKNIKO INDONESIA established the foundation with intelligent staff and organizational price gap, we embark on becoming the No.1 Contruction Company in Indonesia by concern to the customer satisfaction as main priority.


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